Our services

Let Edge Communications assist you to create a strategic plan to achieve desired results through communication objectives. For a communication strategy to be effective you need to engage key stakeholders, manage their expectations and objectives through well designed messages and communications executions.


Our strategic consulting service includes the On the Edge workshop where we cover:

Communication expectations and objectives, targeted stakeholder analysis through stakeholder mapping, key message development, brand strategy, identify communication structures and channels, communications planning and implementing programmes and monitoring achievements.


Once the workshop is finalised our clients can opt for a full strategy document and our ongoing consulting service, where we work with their internal teams to implement strategic communications or our team can execute the implementation.

Enhance the way you manage communication aimed at various internal and external audiences. We deploy trusted, proven methodologies to develop sound strategies that place business goals and objectives at the heart of every activity we plan for our clients. From dealing with issue management, to strategize mergers or handling litigation through corporate communication, Edge Communications will get your messages across to the right people at the right time to achieve your company’s goals. We ensure exposure and achieve core objectives. Whether it is for the release of annual results, a full-scale electronic brochure, the launch of a new service, or developing a website, Edge Communications will be able to guide, shape and deliver on all your corporate communications needs.

We utilise various media platforms to optimise the impact of a core message or campaign. Edge Communications specialise in combining messages and design for new and traditional media, also distributed across owned, earned and paid channels to reach audiences in the right place at the right time.

Edge Communication’s primary objective is to make your brand speak to your target markets. We deliver fresh and unique concepts that will set our clients apart from the rest.


We can assist with:

  • Corporate identity and logo development.
  • Corporate photo shoots.
  • Information pamphlets, brochures and electronic materials.
  • Invitations - print and electronic.
  • Poster campaigns.
  • Newsletters - print and electronic.
  • Social media campaigns.
  • Website and mobile site layout and design.
  • E-cards and electronic banners and other digital media designs.
  • Printing quotes.

Edge Communications’ experienced team of writers and in-house journalists produce and distribute outcome-focused content in a variety of formats that matches the consumption behaviour of the audiences these pieces need to influence.


These include, but are not limited to:

  • Media and press releases
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Website copy
  • Feature and opinion pieces
  • Speeches
  • Marketing content, brochures and other material
  • Proofreading and editing services


Your goal might be to need more people to hear about your business, or to promote a new product, service or event. Whatever your reasons for wanting to increase your visibility in the media we can help you.

Our staff has over 116 years combined experience and as former journalists themselves they know how to pitch stories in a way that will maximise their exposure in the press in a positive way. Prevention is the best cure for any PR disaster, but if the going does get tough, we can provide outstanding and effective crisis PR support.

Publicity is creating and maintaining goodwill of various target groups (customers, employees, investors, etc.) through non-paid forms of communication.

Achieve exposure through various media to reach your target audience, general public and other stakeholders. Edge Communications develop publicity and communication opportunities at national and local level, including newspapers, online media channels, magazines, blogs and other mediums. We have developed relationships with a wide network of media contacts and can offer clients maximum positive exposure.

Media monitoring:

We deliver a full South African media monitoring service. Know where you were mentioned, to measure results and refine your strategy.


Media list:

Edge Communications compile and manage your media list. An effective media list is an important foundation for gaining media coverage in the publications, TV and radio programs and blogs your target audience consumes.

Engage with your target market on social media. When you build lasting relationships with your audience, they are more likely to buy from you. Let Edge Communications help you to increase engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) on your social media posts. Edge Communications specialise in unique social media planning that convey your core message. We create original content and design all elements for your page. We plan creative social media campaigns on your behalf to reach more people with your message.


Social media marketing:

If the content is good but nobody sees it, what good comes out of that? We deploy a variety of distribution strategies that produce quality traffic and drive page views, getting eyes on your content and driving action.


Our social media service includes social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising. This service includes advertisement copywriting and design, audience selection and focused advertisements like lead generation campaigns or to increase website traffic. We will ensure that your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviours of your typical target customers.

We follow a synergistic approach of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) to achieve the objectives of a marketing campaign, through a well-coordinated use of different promotional methods.

Edge Communications develop more than just a website. We analyse your services and strategically develop a plan that will ensure that your website work for you. We have assisted several organisations and associations to deliver additional unique services through their website, increasing website traffic and delivering more to existing members. 


Convert traffic into an improved bottom line:

A proper planned website can reduce physical service delivery and save costs. With a background of developing complicated, multi-function websites, Edge Communications can ensure that your website generate an additional income stream for your organisation. With our focus on creativity, innovation and attention to detail, we know how to make your website a valuable asset.


We use responsive technologies to ensure your website displays beautifully on all smart devices, and that it gives your business the professional, online presence it deserves.


Our website services include:

  • Website design and development.
  • Website maintenance and management.
  • Web hosting and server management.
  • Search engine optimisation.
  • Traffic reporting and Analytics.

Newsletters should form part of your communication plan and convey

important messages, engage and educate your key stakeholders and customers. Edge Communications will evaluate your audiences and messages to determine a fixed flow of communication to identified audiences.


The aim of an e-mail marketing campaign is awareness and sales. E-mail marketing campaigns are based upon user on-site behaviour and are aimed at guiding the recipient towards a sale. These e-mails focus on the product rather than the industry.


It is important for manufacturers to do a range of newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns. The mix between the two strategies, educational based, and action-orientated, give the e-mail recipient a balance of information. Using both types of e-mails allow you to design each strategy with the right style and message.


Reasons why the combined strategy of newsletters and marketing e-mails is successful:

  • Targeted: The individuals on your database list signed up because they want your information.
  • Trackable: If something isn’t working, you see it and can change it.
  • Relationship building: Provide information, deliver know-how, develop like and trust.

Convey your messages effectively when interacting with the media. Edge Communications’ media training program teaches several tools for working with the media:


  • Prepare for the interview, then take control during the Q-and-A.
  • Create memorable sound bites.
  • Speak persuasively.
  • Prepare for ambush interviews and unanticipated controversies.
  • Develop key messages and deliver them effectively to advance your agenda.
  • Counter questions that are leading or that put you on the defensive.
  • Manage your voice and appearance.
  • Confidently manage media exposure to your company’s benefit.

Improve your employees’ team spirit and general attitude. Edge Communications helps companies to reach, engage and motivate employees. From increasing productivity and morale to effectively dealing with organisational change, or even addressing cultural and performance issues, a well-executed internal communications campaign can go a long way. We also evaluate current internal communication channels, such as newsletters, the intranet, e-mails, and meetings to determine their success. Then we make recommendations for short- and long-term improvements.


Our internal communication services include:

  • Strategic internal messaging campaigns.
  • Staff motivation strategies.
  • Internal information and communication channels, e.g. intranets and newsletters.
  • Live motivational broadcasts.
  • Employee award and recognition programmes.

When you sign up at Edge Communications for one of our monthly communications management plans, we provide you with full reporting on media exposure, social media reaches and reactions, campaign results, website results as well as marketing results. Such reports contain valuable information to correct and adjust communication and marketing efforts and improve your return on investment.