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Edge Communications is a South African public relations firm with a strong track record and wide-ranging experience with membership organisations and the small manufacturing industry.

Engaged customers are more satisfied, see value in their membership or buying experience, participate in more activities and do not cancel their membership. But how do you create an experience that’s truly meaningful to your members or customers?

We shape organisations and companies’ reputation through strategies, messaging creation, creative campaigns and engagement on multiple channels. We create experiences for existing and potential members/customers that provides satisfaction, value and interaction. We are precise in ensuring a thorough understanding of our clients’ business. We provide expanded public relations services on a personal level.

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Edge Communications prides ourselves on being the number one choice when it comes to public relations (PR) firms in South Africa. Our strong track record, skilled team of employees and wide range of experience — from membership organisations to small manufacturing businesses — will provide the answer to all your communication needs.

Shape your organisation or company’s reputation by adding some Edge!
Our communication strategies, meaningful content, ability to portray your message, creative campaigns and engagement on multiple platforms will ensure you become a captain of industry.

With a team of creative problem solvers, Edge Communications has more than 120 years’ experience in the communication, branding and marketing industry.

Public Relations is all about building relationships and identifying resultant markets that matter to your organisation, making sure that they are onside, through effective engagement and creative two-way communication. 

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