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With South Africa’s wide cultural spand and historical background, not all people feel comfortable connecting to a certain politician or named day. But the initiative to give 67 minutes on one day to support others with your time or something physical, is what makes the 18th of July a special day in South Africa. On 18 July we commemorate Mandela Day and reaffirm ourselves to give selflessly for at least 67 minutes.

People across South Africa and the world have been devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it has been through illness, death or financial difficulty, the need for help has never been greater. That is why we would like to use this day to encourage everyone to commit their time, donate money or essential items to those in need. And we are fortunate to have some special clients who actively takes part in the 67 minute campaign.

Some of the most vulnerable in our communities are the elderly. They are forgotten by their families and are dependent on the goodwill of others for much needed affection and compassion. Ons Tuis is committed to provide the best possible care to the elderly and frail to empower them to lead positive and fruitful lives.

One of the ways you can get involved is Ons Tuis ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ programme. Visit www.onstuis.org/grootouer/, select a retirement village in your area and choose someone on the list who might share an interest with you. You then have the opportunity to engage with them by communicating (via text messages, emails or written letters), support them financially or send them a pamper hamper of your choice. The whole process is carefully planned, controlled and safe.

Another way you can make a difference on Mandela Day and spread joy and hope, is through CPI SA’s Host a Fundraiser on their website. Here you can “Host a 67-minute tea with friends” and donate money.

Afrikaanse Toekomstrust (ATT), together with Atterbury Trust, Atterbury Property, GROOTfm 90.5, Atterbury Teater en WeBuyCars, are working together to collect toiletries for those in need. Beneficiaries include waiters in the Pretoria area who lost their jobs and families who were dependent on food parcels distributed at schools.

Monetary donations for this project can be made at https://atterburytrust.org/shop/toiletware-vir-mandelamaand/

Whatever you do with your 67 minutes on the 18th of July, make it count, support our clients projects and reach out to those in need. And remember, poverty and heartache do not stop on 18 July – make a difference every day.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels
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