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Six months after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visits to retirement homes were still prohibited to possibly prevent the spread of the virus among the most vulnerable. For the elderly, some of whom were already very lonely, the social isolation was even worse.


Create awareness about the elderly in general;

Create awareness about elderly people without family or support;

Raise funds for Ons Tuis;

Create support and awareness about loneliness in the elderly; and

Collect data for call centre.

Communication & PR:

The campaign was run in the media with a feature in Netwerk24 and two articles in Maroela Media, both two large Afrikaans news sites. National television channel, KykNet covered the campaign in KykNet Verslag and it was also featured with a different angle on eNuus, news channel on DSTV. The campaign was also published on Facebook and the organisations’ website.

KykNet Verslag:



Maroela Media:

Maroela Media

Visit the campaign web page here:

The campaign copy:

Human interaction is one of the most critical pillars for general wellbeing and mental health. 

Research has shown that massaging premature babies three times a day for a quarter of an hour, helped them pick up weight 47% faster than babies left in an incubator to get stronger. The babies who receive physical contact more regularly have stronger nervous systems, are more active and are more aware of their surroundings than babies who go without physical touch. 

The need for human interaction does not subside as we grow older; in fact, it gets even stronger in our old age. Unfortunately, it is most often in old age that this group is more isolated and devoid of touch because children and friends don’t visit them anymore. It can lead to extreme loneliness which can have a significant impact on an older person’s health. 

Ons Tuis is a non-profit organisation promoting the active ageing of older people in South Africa. To address some of the obstacles associated with ageing, the Ons Tuis group offers several opportunities where the public can get involved with the adequate care of the elderly.  

Ons Tuis manages various residential and service centres for the elderly as well as homes with specialised care facilities for impaired persons, Alzheimer’s or other senile dementia patients. 

With the Ons Tuis Adopt a Grandparent Campaign supporters are encouraged to give special attention to a specific lonely older person. 

We are aware that today’s rushed life leaves little time for visits with the elderly. Ons Tuis can offer these guidelines for supporters who would like to help, but cannot physically visit an adopted grandparent every day: 

  • Support a nursing home or service centre financially. With the added support the home can employ more staff to promote social interaction with residents; 
  • Include them in your life with phone calls and text messages. Share some of your favourite photos with them, and invite them to tell you about theirs. Use messaging to tell stories and learn about what their life was like before you met them – storytelling is also great for memory and brings back good times!

Enrich the life of a senior citizen (and your own) by adopting a grandparent!

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