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Ons Tuis Retirement Villages, together with Lig in Duisternis Publishers, have launched an exciting range of Afrikaans children’s audiobooks narrated by Ons Tuis’ senior residents. Edge Communications is proud to be part of this amazing project’s journey.

The first ONS TUIS-home saw the light on 1 April 1929 in Pretoria. Today Ons Tuis is a group of retirement homes providing housing and care to approximately 1,100 persons. Elderly persons are an invaluable source of knowledge and experience, as well as an inexhaustible source of stories about highlights in their own lives and the history of our country. Accordingly, we acknowledge the role they have to play and give them the opportunity to still make a contribution to the future of South Africa.

There is a need for good quality narrated stories in Afrikaans. The concept was to create an interactive bookshelf with which children can listen to quality books read by older people. The idea is to raise awareness for two of our clients, Lig in Duisternis Uitgewers and Ons Tuis. But specially to stimulate Lig in Duisternis Uitgewers’ sales, and make people aware of this scripture-based online bookshop.

We all know that both for a mom and a child, holding the book that is being read is irresistible (Storieman concept). That’s why we’re also encouraging the public to order the book by giving a discount voucher or, for example, a 5% donation to Ons

Tuis for care for the elderly/a specific project.

The shared goal:

  • Stimulate an interest in books and reading.
  • Create awareness of the important role that a grandmother or -father plays in a child’s life.
  • Stimulate traffic to websites and social media to increase target audiences.

The project was launched in November, why?

  1. It’s a month before Christmas. Stimulate sales by giving people a Christmas gift idea: books!
  2. 21 November is World Children’s Day: Many children are not blessed by having a granny or a granddad. This is a way to encourage the importance of older persons in a child’s life and fan a potential love for caring for the elderly. Grandchildren could also be living in far-off countries with little access to Afrikaans reading material.
  3. November is also the awareness month for the problems of the elderly. As one gets older, one’s hearing and sight worsen, and you might struggle to find a media channel with age-appropriate information and programmes. Create awareness of the need for large print books and suitable TV and radio programmes for the elderly.

This project included marketing and communication elements that showcase technical skills from editing, writing, design and multimedia production.

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