Edge Communication’s clients make a difference

With South Africa’s wide cultural spand and historical background, not all people feel comfortable connecting to a certain politician or named day. But the initiative to give 67 minutes on one day to support others with your time or something physical, is what makes the 18th of July a special day in South Africa. On […]

Reputation Management

Daleen Gouws, Communication professional, Edge Communications, The digital era and social media have provided the world with astounding opportunities that was not possible two decades ago. Companies, big and small, can now reach consumers in ways and places they have never thought possible. But like all good things, there has also been a flipside to […]

The reality of what an integrated communication strategy can do for an organisation

Written by Daleen Gouws, founder and CEO of Edge Communications An organisation’s communication style is a natural extension of its culture. Communication is often seen as an extra and not a necessary function for an organisation. At Edge Communications we have experienced first-hand how offering integrated communication services can change organisational outcomes and assist organisations […]